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What is a typical training day with HART?
We like to keep things interesting and moving! We organize our training like an adventure race: expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything. Some days we run for 2 hours, on the street or off-road through trails. Other days we ride our mountain bikes downtown, then run the slopes of Eleanor Tinsley Park.
Training is always different and may focus on strength, speed, or special skills, like biking. This is why it is important to be on time with all the required gear ready to go! It is intense, challenging and totally rewarding!

Do I need to be in shape to come out and train with HART?
If you are ready to take the leap to a healthy lifestyle and ready to FULLY commit, the trainers and team members of HART will encourage you through your life changing transformation, regardless of current fitness level. I won’t lie--It will be hard work, but it will be worth your life changing commitment. Also, don’t try to fool yourself by attempting to get in shape in anticipation of trying out HART! Just face the music and DO IT!

Do I have to attend every training session?
One of the benefits of being on a team is that the commitment to the team makes you want to improve you physical fitness level. The vigorous weekly workout sessions are usually more challenging than a novice would put themselves through. So, yes the team expects you to train with the team as much as possible. Plus, we all wonder and worry what has happened to you and your fitness level if you don't show up.

Do I have to have my own racing partner to join HART?
It is always nice to join with a friend and train with someone you know, but partners are not required. After assessing your fitness level, the HART coaches will pair you up with other people with a similar fitness level.

I am a woman athlete and I am not confident biking off road. Can I join HART?
Of course! As long as you have or can borrow a mountain bike you can come out and learn to ride at your own pace. We will lead rides on the trails at a beginner pace to allow you to learn and build up your skills. In the beginning, you can walk your bike through any areas you do not feel confident riding. But with training, you will be a confident mountain biker before you know it!

Do I have to RACE, if I join HART?
YES! We are a racing team and we do expect you to race at least the team sponsored races. No worries, you will be fully prepared for your first race and you will never race alone. After your first race, it is very likely that you will catch the racing bug and can’t wait till the next race.

Do I need bring my bike to training every day?
Coaches will send a message on the Yahoo group letting you know if bikes will not be required for training on a particular evening, otherwise assume the bike is required gear for the evening. Access to the Yahoo group is only granted to Yearly and Social Members.

How do I find out about additional training opportunities?
The Calendar tab shows training opportunities that are open to novices and the general public. HART members almost always get together to train on the weekends. These non official training opportunities are posted on the Yahoo group. Access to the Yahoo group is only granted to Yearly and Social Members.

Where can I learn more about Adventure Racing?
The best place to learn about adventure racing is from your fellow team mates. Shoot us an email if you still need more knowledge. Email: rns@swbell.net

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